Global Organization of Oil and Gas Professionals Inc. – GOOGPro

This is an association for oil and gas professionals worldwide. GOOGPro’s membership is opened to the following categories of companies and professionals. These categories of professionals are qualified to become members after applying and submitting the required documents as stated below:

  • Oil and Gas Companies (Copy of a company license is required).
  • All Oil and Gas Workers (Introductory letter from an employer is required).
  • Graduates in the area of oil and gas engineering and other engineering related programs, geology, environmental science, management, economics, etc. (Copy of a certificate or academic result is required).
  • Students in the area of oil and gas engineering and other engineering and technical related programs, geology, environmental science, management, economics, etc. (Copy of a valid student id card is required).

How To Become A Member Of - GOOGPro:

  • 1. Apply for membership through completing an online form on the page “Apply For Membership“.
  • 2. Submit your certificate or professional portfolio of evidence (employment letter if already working with an oilfield company or student id card if currently a student, a copy of your certificate(s)/result(s) if you are a graduate.
    *If our website shows “under upgrade” at any time email [email protected] for application for membership form.
  • 3. Wait for a maximum of 3 working days to receive a result on your verification in your email and /or mobile text message. The result is either you are qualified to be a member or your are not qualified to be a member.
  • 4. If you received a “qualified” notice, you will also be given a “Unique Invitation Code” via email and / or mobile text message. Then you can now proceed to pay your membership fees as stated below via transfer or direct Bank payment or online payment via Paypal.
    *Please note that the unique invitation code is for once use only and by only you.

All Companies operating in the oil and gas industry and willing to become corporate members should write to [email protected] or log onto and get your company registered.

Brief Benefits For You As Student/Graduate Or Existing Working Registered Member:

  • An opportunity for individual members to be employed by corporate member companies.
  • Participation in global conferences and seminars and opportunity to travel worldwide.
  • Global recognition of individual members by oil and gas companies.
  • As a registered member, you are entitled to any form of introductory letter to any outfit globally if needed or required.
  • Instant access to globally recognized and accepted id card.
  • Employment opportunity for all individual members to become registration executives in their various countries or any country of their choice.
  • GOOGPro will defend your right as a professional worker whenever necessary.
  • Great opportunity to network with all professionals in the global oil and gas industry for great employment prospects for current workers, graduates and students.

Employment Opportunities For GOOGPro Members Worldwide

There are two types of work in GOOGPro for you:

  • Work as Membership Executive in your country of choice. This is directly under the management of GOOGPro. All members are qualified. Members’ interests drive this. It is ideal for GOOGPro members who are unemployed or who want to earn additional income. This can be taken as a full-time employment if desired.
  • Work with oil and gas companies that recruit from our membership pool. This is not under GOOGPro Management but influenced by GOOGPro management. You have a great advantage as a member to work with member oil and gas companies that are interested in employing only our members.

In all, there are great instant employment opportunities for all GOOGPro members worldwide!

Membership Registration fees

Corporate / Organizational Membership: $ 850.00 – Valid for 2 years
Active Professional Worker Membership: $ 185.00 – Valid for 2 years
Student/Graduate Professional Membership: $ 155.00 – Valid for 2 years


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