GOOGPro Corporate Membership

GOOGPro Corporate Membership was designed to meet the ongoing needs of the enterprise at every stage of GOOGPro program development. This membership is the premier package for members, offering team access to all GOOGPro offerings at the greatest discount levels offered as well as ongoing services designed for the enterprise. Corporate membership covers suppliers and / or providers of oil and gas companies across the global industry.

In the areas of Supplier or Provider membership, GOOGPro provides a common, vendor neutral vehicle for these leaders to interact with the GOOGPro members and the Oil and Gas worldwide community in a unique way that enables the Oil and Gas professionals to meet the challenges they face within their organizations and learn what that Provider Member offers in support of those efforts. GOOGPro offers exposure to a focused market of well-qualified professionals as well as gives its Provider Members the opportunity to share their expertise through a broad range of marketing opportunities and educational offers for the Provider’s customer base. Provider or Supplier Member staff can also benefit from the training programs offered by GOOGPro in order to broaden the oil and gas industry perspective of their employees, which helps them to understand the complete Oil and Gas lifecycle and where their products and services fit within that program thereby increasing their value to their customers and shortening their sales cycles


Free Career Center Access To All Corporate Members

  • Corporate members (employers) post oil and gas related jobs for free.
  • Chat with employees who are GOOGPro members for free.
  • Serving both new and established members of the international
    community looking for jobs worldwide.
  • Direct and less expensive means of having access to the best talents
    across the globe.
  • Ability to have first hand information about your potential employees
  • No more recruitment agency fees.
  • Opportunity to interview interesting candidates on the spot.

Program Features – Includes all GOOGPro Core Benefits for all employees of the Corporate Member

  • Discounted GOOGPro Hosted Oil and Gas Training and Certifications
  • Discounted Rate to GOOGPro Annual Conferences & Exhibitions Across the Globe
  • Access to GOOGPro Monthly Survey Results
  • Access to GOOGPro Monthly Journals
  • Access to GOOGPro Member Digest
  • Access to GOOGPro Member User Group Meetings
  • Access to GOOGPro White Papers at a Reduced Rate or Free
  • Internationally Recognized Corporate Membership Certificate

In Addition, Corporate Members Also Receive:

  • Receives GOOGPro Conference Pass at No Charge (quantity 2)
  • Choice of GOOGPro Publication at No Charge (quantity 2)
  • Discounted GOOGPro Hosted Oil and Gas Training and Certifications for
    any Employee within an Organization
  • Discounted Rate to GOOGPro’s – Annual Conference for any Employee
    within an Organization
  • Discounted Private GOOGPro Hosted Corporate Training Programs

Team Building

Larger organizations typically diversify Oil and Gas responsibilities across departments and locations, creating a larger pool of professionals whose work benefits from Oil and Gas training and resources. In fact, the continued Click Here to Enroll in Corporate Membership growth and success of the Oil and Gas program relies on a common vocabulary, an understanding of best practices and the creation of a team regardless of organizational barriers.The Corporate Membership provides the neutral ground for the entire team, providing each area with the knowledge necessary to add value and success to the Oil and Gas Program. The breadth of the catalog of services that GOOGPro provides covers the spectrum of experiences, from beginners to the adept and all of the specializations that develop from Oil and Gas Programs. GOOGPro hosted Training programs, certification and conference attendance are all discounted so that the organization continues to increase the benefits of savings, risk reduction and improved performance in its oil and gas related operations.

The entire team can take advantage of the Core GOOGPro Benefits and the resources on the GOOGPro website for members.

Sustain and Grow

In addition to opening up information and training to all team members, the Corporate Membership offers exclusive sustainability services, designed to refresh and stimulate the entire team all year with events specifically designed to meet the needs of large and complex organizations. The goals of the sustainability services are to refresh certified professionals, discuss current topics (including executive initiatives, technology changes, and economic issues across oil and gas countries across the globe) and provide access to the providers of enterprise level products and services in a neutral environment. The GOOGPro values the contributions of vendors to the success of Oil and Gas as a business and Corporate Members will have the opportunity to understand more about their vendors so that relationships are strengthened.

Corporate Membership Fee -­‐ $850 For 2 Years

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