The STOGEns Program

Specially Trained Oil And Gas Engineers – STOGEns Program

  1. STOGEns – Specially Trained Oil and Gas Engineers.
  2. STOGEns Program – the actual practical work program for the STOGEns.
  3. STOGEn – The engineer on the STOGEns program.
  4. STOGEns Company – The hosting oil and gas company of the STOGEn (Upstream, midstream and downstream).
  5. STOGEns program Country – The country of the STOGEn and where the STOGEn undertakes his/her STOGEns program or practical work program.

STOGEns program is a 3 to 6 months practical work program specially designed by GOOGPro to help many of GOOGPro’s specially trained engineers who are highly skilled and professionally committed but are unemployed; to contribute to the global oil and gas industry and their monthly allowances paid by GOOGPro.

Advantages of STOGEns to the STOGEns Companies
  1. Easy access to highly skilled graduates and technicians.
  2. Freedom to select any STOGEn for permanent recruitment at the end of the STOGEns program.
  3. Total avoidance of recruitment and general HR costs by oil and gas companies through reliance on the STOGEns program.
  4. Discovery of new operational methods and procedures due to the creativity of STOGEns.
How the STOGEns Program Work:
  1. STOGEn select his/her potential STOGEns company after he/she receives confirmation after applying on GOOGPro’s website to be considered for the STOGEns program.
  2. STOGEn submits the potential STOGEns Company’s name to GOOGPro.
  3. GOOGPro sends a letter together with the STOGEns program document to companies through the STOGEn.
  4. The potential STOGEns Company replies to the STOGEn or through GOOGPro.
  5. GOOGPro signs up a contract with the STOGEn with a copy of the contract sent to the STOGEns Company.
  6. STOGEn begins work with the STOGEns Company for 3 or 6 months depending on the duration signed with GOOGPro.
  7. At the end of the program, if the STOGEns Company is interested in the STOGEn for a permanent appointment, the STOGEns company signs up a permanent recruitment contract with the STOGEn.
  8. If the STOGEns Company is not interested in the STOGEn for a permanent appointment, the STOGEn leaves immediately his/her STOGEns program ends with the STOGEns Company.
  9. The STOGEn can reapply to be considered for another STOGEns program after a period of six (6) months; if he/she has not been able to secure any permanent employment before the six (6) months window period elapsed.
Advantages of the STOGEns Program to STOGEn
  1. An opportunity to put required skills into practical work and hence improve on skills acquired through practical application.
  2. Means of employment and income.
Advantages of the STOGEns Program to STOGEns Country
  1. A subtle and resolute means of distributing financial resources across the economy of STOGEns countries by reducing unemployment among highly skilled people.
  2. A very creative way of raising skills levels across the country’s oil and gas labour market.

Are you a member of GOOGPro?

Apply to be considered for the STOGEns Program now by clicking on the link below.:

STOGEns Program Application Form

Joining GOOGPro just with the intention to benefit from the STOGEns program is highly prohibited and discouraged. Only committed members who are unemployed but demonstrate high level of acumen with considerable skills are considered.  Becoming a member of GOOGPro does not guarantee any STOGEns program benefits. Members are considered for the STOGEns program based on merit.

Donate and Support the STOGEns Program.
GOOGPro needs the supports of the corporate world and individuals across the globe, to enable this noble program continues to impact thousands of lives around the globe. To contribute cash to support the STOGEns Program, please click on the PayPal button below to donate:


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