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Being a GOOGPro Member demonstrates a commitment to growing the global Oil and Gas Industry by contributing professionally to the industry starting from national level to the international stage. GOOGPro emboldens knowledge sharing and experiences among members. GOOGPro Members have access to real-world experiences from peers around the globe in organizations of every size and type through their Member benefits. This being experiences from institutions of training as well. Members learn how to establish and incorporate a GOOGPro program as part of their professional development. Members also learn to make a difference by getting involved in current events that are shaping the global oil and gas industry.

Membership Types:

GOOGPro Corporate Membership

GOOGPro Corporate Membership was designed to meet the ongoing needs of the enterprise at every stage of GOOGPro program development. This membership is the premier package for members, offering team access to all GOOGPro offerings at the greatest discount levels offered as well as ongoing services designed for the enterprise. Corporate membership covers suppliers and / or providers of oil and gas companies across the global industry.

In the areas of Supplier or Provider membership, GOOGPro provides a common, vendor neutral vehicle for these leaders to interact with the GOOGPro members and the Oil and Gas worldwide community in a unique way that enables the Oil and Gas professionals to meet the challenges they face within their organizations and learn what that Provider Member offers in support of those efforts. GOOGPro offers exposure to a focused market of well-qualified professionals as well as gives its Provider Members the opportunity to share their expertise through a broad range of marketing opportunities and educational offers for the Provider’s customer base. Provider or Supplier Member staff can also benefit from the training programs offered by GOOGPro in order to broaden the oil and gas industry perspective of their employees, which helps them to understand the complete Oil and Gas lifecycle and where their products and services fit within that program thereby increasing their value to their customers and shortening their sales cycles.

Corporate Membership Fee -­ $850 For 2 Years

GOOGPro Individual Professional Memberships

GOOGPro’s Individual Membership program was developed for those that not only want to grow in their chosen profession, Oil and Gas, but want to contribute to its direction. GOOGPro not only provides the individual with the means to increase and expand upon their current knowledge and skills as it pertains to GOOGPro best practices, but also gives that individual a contributing voice in how our organization moves forward thereby enhancing our products and services which effects the direction of the Oil and Gas Profession as a whole and adds to the expanding knowledge and skill base.

Active Worker Professional Membership – $185 For 2 years
Graduate Professional Membership – $155 For 2 Years
Student Professional Membership – $155 For 2 Years

Members Include:

  • Land Agents
  • Geoscience Professionals Or Geoscientists
  • Safety Managers
  • Pipeline Design Engineers
  • Pipeline Control Centre Operators
  • Petrochemical Engineers
  • Petroleum Pump Operators
  • Rotary Drill Operators
  • Petroleum Pump System Operators
  • Extraction Workers
  • Technicians
  • Reservoir Engineers
  • Operations Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Architects
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Surveyors
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Acid Truck Drivers
  • Acid Truck Drivers – Oil Field Services
  • Ballast Control Operators
  • Blender Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Blending Machine Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Carbon Dioxide Truck Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Cementers – Oil Field Services
  • Cementing Equipment Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Cement Truck Drivers – Oil Field Services
  • Chemical Services Operators
  • Chemical Truck Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Coiled Tubing Operators
  • Coiled Tubing Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Control Room Operators – Offshore Drilling
  • Derrickhand – Oil And Gas Drilling
  • Derrick Workers – Oil And Gas Drilling
  • Dynamic Positioning Operators – Offshore Drilling
  • Formation Fracturing Operators
  • Formation Fracturing Operator – Oil Field Services
  • Frac Driver – Oil Field Services
  • Motorman/Woman – Oil And Gas Drilling
  • Nitrogen Operators
  • Nitrogen Operator – Oil Field Services
  • Nitrogen Truck Operator – Oil Field Services
  • Oil Well Acidizer
  • Oil Well Cementer, Oil Field Services
  • Power – Tong Operators
  • Production Tubing Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Pumper Operators
  • Pumpman/Woman – Oil Field Services
  • Reeled Tubing Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Snubbing – Unit Operators
  • Well Treatment Blender Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Well Treatment Pump Operators – Oil Field Services
  • Accountants
  • Engineering Lecturers
  • Economics and Management Lecturers
  • Economics Students
  • Economics Graduates
  • Management Science Students
  • Management Science Graduates
  • Petroleum Economists
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Environmental Activists
  • Engineering Students
  • Community Leaders
  • Political Leaders
  • Petroleum Business men and women
  • Petroleum Entrepreneurs
  • Electronic Engineers
  • Engineering Graduates
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